Warmer Days

Dare I say we are done with snow for the season?  This weekend, the temps rose to almost 80 degrees {very unseasonably} so I put away all the hats, mittens and heavy winter coats for the year.  I'm optimistic!  

The perennials are working their way up through the warming earth.  

And I'm starting to knit some warm woolens for next fall!   Crazy, I know.  Normally, I would say starting a wool sweater in April is just asking for trouble, but Mike has been patiently waiting for this sweater for three long years.  I have to admit the task of knitting a man's size sweater is a bit daunting and it seems like every time I start, something or someone would take my attention away.  So I'm knitting quickly.  Before I get distracted with the garden, picnics at the beach, kayaking, and all that comes with warm weather.  Hopefully, he'll be able to wear it just once this year and then put it away until the earth turns cold again. {hopefully a long, long time from now}

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