Sniffles, snuggles, and spinning

The plague has settled in around our house this week and seems to have taken up permanent residence.  We're combating the sniffles and sore throats with some snuggle time and quiet projects like this...

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for week three of the upcycled t-shirt tutorial (it's even better than the underwear!)


  1. I love spinning. I need to pick up my spindle again, it's been idle to long.

  2. Hope you all feel better soon. Handcarding and spinning together. Perfect!

  3. coughs and colds here too but managed to dust off the wheel this week and spun for the first time in ages, healing hugs to you x

  4. Thank you so much for your well wishes! Finally, we're all back to ourselves:)

  5. Hello, visiting from Soulemama. What a lovely blog you have!
    Hope you are all feeling better, looks like a good way to spend your time while not feeling well.
    What a beautiful wheel, I would love to learn someday!
    my moment if you care to see, http://humbleluna.blogspot.com/2011/02/this-moment_11.html

  6. I have always wanted to learn how to spin (and knit for that matter - I'm not the best). Very meditative.

  7. get well soon! looks like I need to come back for a tutorial!



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