Upcycled/Recycled T~Shirt Tutorial #2: Underwear

I don't know if you've ever noticed but in most of the pictures of my boys, they aren't wearing anything but their underwear.  Mike and I thought this would be a phase that would pass, however, after three years and many pairs of underwear later, it has become their primary wardrobe.  They get dressed only to leave the house {this is Wisconsin, in January, after all} and the minute they come back in, everything gets stripped back off again.

In a crazy upcycling ~ brainstorming session one night, Mike came up with the idea to make the boys some underwear out of t-shirts, and they LOVE them!

I used Katrina's Sew Quick Pattern and chose the appropriate size.  I used the XXXL for my 8 year old and the XXL for my 5 year old.

1 men's large size t-shirt left over from Tutorial #1.

My 8 year old has requested elastic in the waistband, but other than that he says they have good coverage and the leg bands are very comfortable!

Here's a few other free underwear patterns for the whole family:






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