Upcycled/Recycled T~Shirt Tutorial #1: Lavender Sachets

I made some goals.  I gathered up a years worth of cotton t~shirts from the five of us (Yes, it's a lot.  My husband gets a new set for work about once a month.)  I created a weekly upcycled t~shirt tutorial series.  

They smell so good and you can use them for all sorts of things like protecting your woolens from pesky moths, reusable dryer sheets, soothing and calming air freshener for the nursery, bathroom, car, or smelly 14 year old boy's room!  Tie them up with a beautiful ribbon and they'd make a thoughtful, all natural hostess gift, baby shower gift, or {gasp} handmade holiday gifts for next year!  

I'd love to see your upcycled sachet creations, so please feel free to leave a link in the comments of your own photos!

Wondering what to do with the rest of the t~shirt, you ask??  Make sure to stop back next week for the next tutorial series~


  1. That is such a very good idea. I love the idea of taking old t-shirts and turning them into something useful and beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I may make a few of those today!

  2. What a great idea! We save our shirts for rags but I think I'll snag a few out of the rag basket and make some sachets!

  3. My husband took a bunch and put them on all the registers around the house, so now every time the heat kicks on, the whole house smells absolutely amazing!!!

  4. Wonderful idea for reusing t-shirts! I have some t-shirts in the closet that are now going to become sachets after reading your tutorial!

  5. These are just beautiful. What a lovely idea.

  6. Fantastic... they sound so comfy and sweet!

  7. I've been making sachets from random scraps of fabric, but never thought to use old t-shirts. I fill mine with a mix of cedar shavings (gerbil bedding!) and lavendar, and love how they keep things smelling fresh!

  8. Oh Cedar would be amazing and great for the closets:) THanks for sharing!

  9. Where do get the fillings for the sachets, like the Lavender?

  10. Have you thought about armpit hygiene.
    Surely its the most unhygienic part of
    a T Shirt, what do you think? How bout
    using the hem. How bout up-cycling the whole
    shirt to someone who might need it to wear?

    Just a thought?

  11. Replies
    1. I used a flowery tea mix and dried lavender.

  12. I love this idea. I have awful little moths that have moved in the room I keep my wool and silk yarn. I have been putting cedar eggs around but it isn't enough. I don't like storing my yarn in plastic, I an of a firm mind that it needs to breathe. I really like the cedar shavings. I will add a little lavender and mint and give it a whirl. Thank you for helping save my stash. I am guessing that you have t-shirts that are no longer serviceable for other people because of rips, holes and stains. I have no problem laundering the t-shirts before I cut them up. My sister is very involved in AvdoCats, a feral cat program, on the big island in Hawaii. She is always looking for ideas on things to make for their large garage sales that help fund their programs. I will send her your link.


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