Making of a Waldorf Doll: Part 2

You may remember, back in July, when I posted about the waldorf doll I made for my boys.  
I tea stained an old cotton t~shirt and used Simmy's fantastic tutorial for the construction.  I hand stitched her head and body together, stuffed her with hand carded wool, and gave her a face.  

They named her Ali.
And that was as far as I got.
 For all these months,  Ali has been carried along on camping trips to the North Pole, stranded on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific, ridden The Blue Train to Cape Town, and loved by two beautiful boys.  
 I was already making a wig for my oldest son out of some wool I spun last winter, so I decided it was a good time to make up some hair for Ali too!  (Thanks to Crafty Sheep for putting together this great tutorial.)  I think Ali and I may get matching dreads ~ I love them so much!!

And of course, with new hair comes a new outfit!  
I knit her a cozy ribbed turtle neck and a pair of wide~leg longies, in emerald, to match her eyes.
(If you'd like the pattern, I'd be glad to list it up on Etsy.  Just let me know!)

Of course, now they want another.  A boy with crazy spiky hair!

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