Fanny Pack... R.I.P.

Fanny packs... remember them.  Of course you do.  Those hideous zippered pouches that rest on your waist, in shades of flourescent green, pink and orange.  Made popular about 20 years ago by seemingly clueless families across the world in search of a hands ~ free holiday.

The theory behind them was brilliant.  However, wasn't there an editor or stylist along the way of the fluorescent fanny pack evolution who might have stopped to say, "Hey, maybe we shouldn't create a product that's going to make a woman's ass look like a construction cone!"

Well, I've done it ~ I've created a fanny pack without the fanny.  A few years ago, I needed a small zipper bag to carry just a few essentials and not finding anything that suited me, I created my own.  I've had so many compliments on it that I decided to make a second bag in another color way.  I'm also writing up the pattern along with it, in hopes of saving just one more child from needless fanny pack embarrassment!  It should be posted sometime tomorrow evening in my shop~

What's your funniest fanny pack memory?

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