I've been putting off saying this out loud for fear that it might not happen, but decided that if we don't own our dreams, they can never come true.

We're officially looking for a small parcel of land to live our dreams of homesteading~off grid.  Mike and I have been yearning to do this for years and decided that it's time to stop talking and start doing!

Our goal is that within three years we will have purchased the land and built a small A-frame house out of 100% recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, materials, with a total cost (including land) of $20,000.  We're a little picky about the terms, so I have a feeling it's going to take awhile...

Here's our must have list~
*Have a river on the property or be within walking distance to swimmable, fishable water.
*Far off in the wilderness, with no one around for miles.
*Within two hours of where we live now to regularly visit family and friends
*Surrounded by county woods
*Approx 5 acres for less than $10,000

We also want to spend the next three years building up my business to the point of being able to live solely off of my income.  That way Mike can quit his full time job and give all his energy to working the garden, raising animals, and other homestead undertakings.

Thank you so much for your continued support and we'll keep you posted as we travel through the process of creating our dream~