A Great Lakes Wedding...

A four hour drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior brought us to the wedding of two lovely friends, Rebekah and Patrick...

The ceremony::

                     (all the kids had a bird's eye view)

The reception::

The music::

            (Wedding favors.  Genius, I know!)

The lake shore::

And the suprise...  Many moons ago, my friend Tracy came up with the idea to make a hand knit quilt for Rebekah and Patrick's wedding gift.  She rounded up five talented knitting friends (who also know and love Rebekah & Patrick), asked us each to pick a color and set to knitting six 12"x12" garter stitch squares.  Over the course of the weekend,  we stitched and wove together all of our blessings and good intentions to create something that will surround them with love and kindness, always. 

                                               (finishing up one last square)


                                            Photo by Parker Grice

(D'Arcy made this beautiful leather tag with all our names on it)

One tired boy who dreamed of blowing kazoos all the way home...

I hope you had a beautiful weekend, too~

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