Creative release...

Took a break from designing new longies and pattern making for an instantly gratifying creative release. I'm enamored with how much this free~form creation suits his spirit...  
~~Free Form Longies and Slouchy Hat~~

~~Lookin' for spiders~~

~~Climbin' trees~~

~~Dancin' in the street~~

~~Chasin' butterflies~~

As I suspected, my sweet boy absolutely refuses to let these go, so I'll be offering them up as customs this fall on Etsy.  However, blog followers and facebook fans get first dibs!  If you'd love to have a pair for your kiddo or yourself, contact me for pricing.  Also, I know I'm going to get countless emails about the pattern, so I'll have that available as soon as I get a free moment!

P.S.  Clue #3: endless amounts of hand~dyed crimson wool

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