Happy 5th Birthday, Luke...

My baby turned 5 today, and apparently I'm no longer allowed to call him my baby anymore.  Well, we'll see about that...

After losing twins to an ectopic pregnancy, we were delirious with joy to hear his little heartbeat coming from the ultrasound machine.

At the end of the eighth month, I ended up with pre~eclampsia and on strict bed rest in the hospital for almost a month.  Born at 12:01 a.m.  and weighing only 5lbs, we were so relieved that it was finally over and everyone was healthy.  Amazingly, the pre~eclampsia disappeared within an hour of pushing him out!

I can't wait to see where life's journey takes him this year...

Happy Birthday, Baby!


  1. Beautiful! Happy birthday Luke!

  2. What a handsome guy. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Luke! And happy Birth-Day to you mama:)

  4. oops, i'm a day late - i hope his happies were happy.


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