Name that cowl...

Over vacation I stumbled upon these two trees next to each other in a park.

I fell in love with the graceful spiraling trunk of the cherry tree,  alongside the solid, rugged texture of this enormous,  ancient cottonwood.  I immediately decided the contrasting textures would make a remarkable knitting design, but what would I make?  After all, I was on vacation and wanted something quick and easy that didn't require much of my attention.... a cowl.

Talk about instant gratification!!!  After I finally figured out what stitches I needed to use to achieve the textures I was hoping for, it was easily finished in two days!

I really can't believe I never made one of these cozy cowls before.  With larger needles, the garment is light, airy, and easily manipulated into a multitude of shapes, as well as reversible and cozy warm for those damp rainy (and yes all to soon, snowy) days.

Now to name it.  This beguiling cowl needs an equally pleasing name, and I can't find it.  I keep hoping it will come to me in a dream or pop into my head on a bike ride through the countryside, but nothing~zip~nada.

So.... I'm hoping all of my wonderful readers will help me out, and let's have a little contest to boot!  I'm taking any and all ideas of names for this cowl.  I'll pick my favorite next Friday and the winner will receive a free pattern!!

If you absolutely must have this no~name cowl right this minute, you can purchase the pdf version at my shop, TheSittingTree.

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