A simple life conflicted...

In my quest for a simple life, free from materialistic goods, I find myself conflicted about why I'm so fond of these glasses.
How can an object make me so happy? 


My mother was cleaning out her cupboards again, and brought me a box of miniature jars, vases, and of course these beautiful aqua glasses.  I can't remember where they came from;  I may have even given them to her as a gift.  Whoever the donor, as long as I can remember they have always been in the cupboard next to the hand made pottery bowls,
and I have always admired them.

Only five remain, but then there are only five of us to use them!

For now, I will just surround myself with their beautiful memories and be content that I didn't compromise any of my beliefs in acquiring them.

I think a little ~move me brightly~ tea, from The Peaceful Peacock is in order on this warm spring afternoon~

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