Flea Market Finds

Woo hoo!  The flea market is open for the season!  Our local treasure trove is located at the New Richmond Heritage.  All of the proceeds go toward maintaining the original 1884 Farmhouse, 1887 Log Cabin, 1890 House, 1891 Church, 1902 Camp 9 School, 1933 General Store, Blacksmith shop, original Barn and Grainery, Pavillion and 11~acre nature trail.  During the summer months they also host live outdoor music on Wednesday nights! Someday, when I have more free time and my kids are grown, I hope to be able to volunteer my time to this wonderful organization.

  We raided the change jar 
and filled our bike with sweet treasures this week.

Vintage Embroidery Trim
You'll be seeing these in my Fall Collection!

Fabric for garment bags that I send with all my woolies.

TEN balls of HANDSPUN wool for $3
       (~~~join me in the happy dance~~~)

I hope you find something worth treasuring today~


  1. WOW. WOW. What an incredible score!

  2. Great finds! I have not been to a fleahmarket in years. I try to stay away from yard sales too...LOL I just ALWAYS find stuff I NEED to have.

  3. WOW!!! Amazing score on the yarn!! Love thrift stores!

  4. super findings!! that are real bargains!!

  5. Yes, we came home with a few things we "needed" also. hehe!

  6. What a fun day ... they are beautiful finds!

  7. Sweet finds!


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