It's all about the water...

It's going to be all about the ~water~ this week!  The weather man changed his mind and decided instead of a series of rain showers, he'd order up a helping of hot, humid, sticky, disgusting, absurdly abnormal for Wisconsin in May, 90 degree days with 49% humidity.  Yes, I will be feisty and using a lot of adjectives for the rest of the week or until this monstrous weather dissipates.  I completely understand if you don't want to join me in my pitty party (as I know some of my readers still have snow!) By next Monday, I'm sure that I'll be back to my old (wait, young) chipper self ~ maybe even with a few new knitting patterns to share!

However, my fantastic, wonderful, thoughtful, magnificent, superb, sensational husband surprised us with a pizza and a kiddy pool after work. (See, I told you there'd be a few extra adjectives.)  So I didn't have to cook and we aren't complaining about the heat, as much!

That water is ice cold (my toes are still numb)!

The first slide in is always the hardest!

Pure joy!

Of course, they had a contest to see who could splash the farthest!
Dad won!!

I hope you have a wonderful week~