Wool in the summer...

"What?  Wool in the summer?  You must be nuts!"  I hear this over and over again from parents throughout the warm Wisconsin months, who inquire about my boys' hand knit shorts.

The Sitting Tree

While we all know wool is fantastic for naturally keeping our bodies toasty warm in the winter,  few people know about the benefits of wearing wool in the summer months as well.

*High level of UV protection
*Natural wicking properties
    Coil shaped fibers create millions of tiny air pockets, trapping moisture and heat away from the skin. The moisture quickly evaporates into the air, leaving shorts dry and comfortable.
*Fire retardant  
    Perfect for summer nights dancing around the campfire and roasting marshmellows.  Unlike cotton, if wool catches on fire it has a low flame velocity and usually self~extinguishes.
    Wool is almost 7 times stronger than cotton, so let your kiddos wear their shorts for all types of play.
*Easy to Clean
    Do laundry less often!


Fiber scales keep dirt and stains on the surface, while wool's antibacterial nature keep the shorts from stinking for many days.  You should only have to wash wool shorts about every two weeks.

If you'd like to discover all the benefits of wool for your family, you can join me on Etsy at The Sitting Tree where you'll find many exceptionally crafted wool products.

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