Season of Growing

Feeling the sunset sneak up behind me on this cool, clear April night, I longed for another hour of light to finish planting some spinach seeds in the garden.  After the sun finally set and it was too dark to see anything, I sat under the stars, in the dirt, thinking about how quickly things grow and change so much in my life.  The seasons, my sweet babies, my many knitting adventures...

I secretly wish sometimes that I could keep things forever as they are right now; the dissipating lethargy of winter, tiny (and not so tiny) little toes, and a plethora of creativity.

However, it's also a privilege to be on this journey with my friends and family, to watch in awe as life unfolds in it's beautiful rhythm and balance of the earth.

A late night snow storm and early morning fog, in February, caused ice crystals to form on the trees and shrubs.  

When I stepped out the front door,  it was as if a party had been thrown in my honor. 

The branches bowed down to greet me, and every inch of life had been covered in a pristine coat of glittering white confetti.

It's hard to believe that these photos were taken only two months ago.  With our unseasonably warm spring here in Wisconsin, winter seems but a mere memory. 

 The fog crystals have grown into fragrant fruit blossoms,

and last years berries have made way for new life.

I'm still secretly wishing for our daily rhythms to stay as it is right now, but I'm also allowing myself to enjoy every little moment of sweet bliss as it rises and falls through out my days.

Happy Earth Day!  I hope you are reminded of a little bliss on this day that we celebrate the Earth.

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