Laundry Just Got A lot More Fun

We've been waiting all winter for our very old (you can't hardly buy replacement parts for it)  electric washing machine to die, and finally last week we all did a happy dance when she stopped draining and spinning the water out.  In our quest to live without electricity, I immediately purchased  Lehman's Hand Wringer Mike and I have been drooling over for the last two years.

The wringer arrived this morning already assembled, and was put to work right away!  My original intention was to attach it to the side of the bath tub, but the clamps weren't wide enough, so for now we've attached it to the utility sink in the basement.  

Where are we going to wash the laundry you ask?  Why in the bath tub, of course!  Fill up the tub with water and add some handmade laundry soap.  Drop in the clothes, gather up the kiddos, and start stomping!!  

You wouldn't believe how much water you can save and how clean your clothes will be.  No washing machine can agitate the way a four year old and seven year old can!

After one trip up and down the stairs, though, I've decided to build something I can slide over the side of the tub for the wringer to attach to.  Wet clothes are heavy!

They boys and I had a blast with our new toy and I'm guessing my oldest may even join in the fun!