Tutorial: How to Tie Dye T-shirts

Instead of dyeing eggs every spring, we tie dye t-shirts.  Here's how we do it::

*Collect t-shirts through out the year from Goodwill and thrift shops.  The t's in the photos were donated to me brand new with the tags still on them!! SCORE~  Some are organic and some are from Old Navy (which ordinarily I wouldn't use except they were shipped with the others)

*Wash shirts to get rid of all the sizing (do not dry)

*Scrunch the shirts into a ball and wrap with rubber bands

*Mix your dye according to directions (We use Jacquard dyes~ low impact & eco friendly)

*Add 1/4c. vinegar, enough water to cover shirts, and dye to pot (don't use it again for food)

*Boil until all the color is absorbed into the cotton

*Wash shirts again in hot water and dry on the clothes line

*Stop by the shop on Wednesday to purchase these beautiful artisan hand dyed organic baby t's
A percentage of the profits will be donated to our local food shelf 

~hunger knows no season~


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