Hand Dyed Mini Skeins

A table full of hand dyed yarn to be reskeined into mini's.  They're just one of the color ways I'm dyeing for this year's Easter Basket Knitting Kits.  They'll be for sale in the shop next week.



It's late winter and all manners of making keep our hands occupied and our minds sane...

:: Luke is loving risotto with carrot curls

:: I'm putting the final touches on my new hat pattern

:: Cole is carving a giant crochet hook

What are you making today?


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Looking for Light

It's easy to find the darkness in the brutal cold and snow of late February.  Each day I remind myself to look for the beauty in the light.


Strawberry Jam

Yesterday afternoon, the wind whipped across the field and the temperature dropped to -22 F.  The truck wouldn't turn over.  The car wouldn't start.  The computer froze up {momentarily}.  The hinge on the wood stove door broke.  

But we had strawberries.  Just past their prime organic strawberries, free for the taking from the market.  I wrote about this delightful place here.  Not good for eating, but perfect for making jam.  

Can you believe it... fresh strawberry jam in February?  It's like summer in a jar.

Fortunately, the truck and car both started this morning.  The computer is fine.  The wood stove door is still broken, but it's functional until spring when we can replace it.  

And, I get to eat homemade jam on toast for breakfast.

Take that, winter.