Summer Knitting

I've been carrying around this ball of yarn for over a month now... tis' the pace of summer knitting.


Reclaimed Blue Bird House

With all the blue birds flying around the garden this summer, Luke and Mike decided to spend an afternoon making them houses.  The left over bits from the chairs were reclaimed one more time.  I was going to paint them blue, but decided I liked them as is.  



Some nights, the buzzing of mosquitoes are more than one person can bear.


Reclaimed Furniture

I can't believe we cursed the tiny scraps of reclaimed lumber my brother's fiancĂ© loaded on the trailer.    They turned out to be just what we needed to build a set of adirondack chairs and a small side table for the garden.


Afternoon Bliss

It's late afternoon along the shore of the river.  I'm content to knit under the shade of the trees, while the guys fish, hunt for frogs, and perform all other manners of boyhood adventuring.

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