Our first chicken egg.  Who knew one little egg could hold so much hope for our homestead.


Frosty Mornings

Before I could even pull up my boots and grab my camera, the sun cleared the horizon.  Early morning frost vanished from the grass and trees and water droplets echoed among the leafless forest.


Pumpkin Knitting Kit

This last fall, I dyed up some peruvian wool in the most wonderful shade of autumn orange.  I had intended the skein to be for a giant Jack Be Little Pumpkin, but decided that kits would be so much more fun instead!  Mini's are just adorable and the perfect size for the three inch pumpkins.  Each kit comes packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, making them the perfect gift for knitters or just a way to treat yourself.

Each kit includes:

::  Two mini skeins of yarn.  Natural brown and autumn orange {hand dyed by me, using low impact, eco friendly dyes}

::  Wool fleece stuffing {grown by happy sheep in Oregon, chemical free}

::  Jack Be Little Pumpkin pattern {available for instant download}

 Jack Be Little Pumpkin Knitting Kits, now available in our shop!


Autumn Light

I was frustrated with the endless dust, dirt and general chaos of living in a construction zone... then the golden autumn light shown through the window and made it all go away.


A First Meal

While it's not homemade bread from the wood stove or a fresh salad from the garden (yet), it is a meal at our own table.  Not in a camper, but in our house that we built with our own hands.  

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