A Giveaway From Junque Hippy

Today's giveaway is from our newest sponsor, Junque Hippy.  

Tell us a little about yourself:

The Junque Hippy Company is made up of a fun, creative and sometimes crazy family of four from the Midwest.
Owners, Travis and Tessa Trumble, along with our two boys Christian and Logan, all lend a hand in the business each day by offering each of our individual talents and passions.

We started off re-purposing lamps that sold online and at local craft fairs and slowly moved towards other upcycled products that we did more for a hobby.
We realized quickly that we had so much fun looking for items at garage sales, thrift shops and even at the end of some curbs and turning these pieces into fun and functional items for our customers that we wanted to do more.
After some trial and error and MANY mistakes we started specializing in furniture painting and restoration and we haven’t looked back.
We now spend our days finding old, rusty, worn-out, beat down, vintage and plain ol’ forgotten about pieces and create something new that has character and a story.

What's your favorite part of being a small, family business?
I think we all agree that we love to create. We love to see our ideas go from talking about them at dinner, to paper and then a finished product.
It is rewarding to see that we are able to take pieces that may have been forgotten or tossed out and see them take on a new life.
The most rewarding part of what we do is that we can do it together, as a family. It definitely brings us closer together and makes our love show through in our work.

What does your work space look like?

Ah, it is a beautiful disaster. We recently moved from Georgia to the Midwest and have been searching for a workshop to move into, but in the meantime we are working out of our home.
If you are familiar with Wisconsin winters you know that working outside from November until April is completely out of the question. In the summer we are able to work on pieces outside on our patio, in the driveway and garage, however now that old man winter has quickly moved in, so has our workspace.
We find ourselves working in closer quarters to one another, scrambling to find space for new items we’ve picked and becoming experts in finding new uses for our storage space indoors.
We recently have been working on a photography studio in our upstairs loft and that has been a lot of fun seeing that come together.

What are you looking forward to this year?

We are extremely excited for the holiday season this year. We have found a niche for re-purposing old rusty corrugated tin, (found on the roof or siding of older buildings) into unique Christmas ornaments.
The corrugated tin has a great patina and makes for some amazing and rustic looking items.

For today's giveaway, Travis and Tessa are generously giving away a set of two Rustic Corrugated Tin Christmas Star Ornaments.   

You can enter to win by leaving a comment below.  Gain additional entries, in the following ways {be sure to leave a comment for each additional entry}:
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Comments will be closed Saturday, November 29th, and a winner will be announced Sunday.

In addition, Junque Hippy is offering an Etsy coupon code CYBER15, good for 15% off any shop purchase until Monday, December 1, 2014. 

Thank you for supporting independent artisans this holiday season! 



It's snowing now, as we settle in for the evening under a pile of blankets and try to stay warm.  Mr. Heater burns bright in the middle of the room and does a decent job of taking the chill out of the air.  Propane canisters are expensive, though, and not a long term solution.

We bought stove pipe today.  Hurrah!

The boxes are carefully stacked next to the wood stove, ready to be installed tomorrow.

* * * * *

I wrote this two weeks ago, the day before I turned thirty six and two days before the freak, early November storm that dropped more than eight inches of snow on our little homestead.  

The landscape is heavy with white and the wind whips each new dusting around so that we can't see the road or the neighbor's farm off in the distance.  It's terrifying and comforting at the same time.  

Mike and I snuggled around the wood stove last night {oh heat, how good it is} laughing about our Mr. Heater days and how much we've sacrificed to live here.  To be happy in the cold and snow.  And how we almost quit about a hundred time, but didn't.  And how we wouldn't give this up for anything.  



 Our first chicken egg.  Who knew one little egg could hold so much hope for our homestead.


Frosty Mornings

Before I could even pull up my boots and grab my camera, the sun cleared the horizon.  Early morning frost vanished from the grass and trees and water droplets echoed among the leafless forest.


Pumpkin Knitting Kit

This last fall, I dyed up some peruvian wool in the most wonderful shade of autumn orange.  I had intended the skein to be for a giant Jack Be Little Pumpkin, but decided that kits would be so much more fun instead!  Mini's are just adorable and the perfect size for the three inch pumpkins.  Each kit comes packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, making them the perfect gift for knitters or just a way to treat yourself.

Each kit includes:

::  Two mini skeins of yarn.  Natural brown and autumn orange {hand dyed by me, using low impact, eco friendly dyes}

::  Wool fleece stuffing {grown by happy sheep in Oregon, chemical free}

::  Jack Be Little Pumpkin pattern {available for instant download}

 Jack Be Little Pumpkin Knitting Kits, now available in our shop!
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